• Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

    This is a fantastic resource on terms of use. Lawyers are trapped by the law in this area – your clients need them, but everyone knows the exercise is, in many cases, absurd, built as it is on the largely untrue notion that terms are ever read or at least broadly understood.

    I’m not sure where the market is going with terms of use – perhaps towards a consumer protection model where in many cases the most critical issues are mandated by law. Or perhaps on their current path – which seems to be directly toward even deeper complexity and absurdity. But either way, I believe site operators ignore at their peril the impression that their terms create on the careful reader. And I think there’s much to be gained from an enlightened, transparent and consumer-friendly approach.

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  • Free Templates for Great Startup Board Decks, Direct from VCs

    This is a terrific resource for founders.

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  • A Venture SLA

    I wish the world could be more like this for startups, but it isn’t, at least not in Canada. The Venture SLA has some interesting insights into terms, and is apropos of a conversation over at the StartupNorth Facebook page.

    Paul Graham’s post on startup investing trends is a useful complement. It’s very frustrating as a lawyer to see entire deal structures – including vetos over founder control of the business – driven off of (ie getting more complicated and expensive for the company) the VC’s calculation of how much of the company they need to own at Series A in order to make the time investment worthwhile.

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  • Unpaid Intern Scams Continue to Flourish in Ontario. What Can be Done?

    The unpaid interns issue is getting increasing attention, as this Prof David Doorey post illustrates. We are seeing more and more lawsuits on this issue, it seems, with every passing month.

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  • Breaking the time barrier

    My mesh partner and Freshbooks CEO Mike McDerment has written a book on unlocking earning potential in the service industry. The download is here. It’s next on my list, but anything Mike writes is awesome.

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