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  • “Open source entrepreneurship: Free resources to help kickstart your startup”

    Startups have a ton of information about starting at their fingertips these days. So much information that it’s become difficult to sift through and find what’s great. This is great: Steve Blank’s “collection of free and almost free tools, class syllabi, presentations, books, lectures, videos in the hope that it can make your path as an entrepreneur or educator easier.”

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  • Two new online calculators for startups

    I love seeing useful online startup tools announced. Two new ones seem particularly interesting. First, a startup economics calculator from SmartAsset. Second, a calculator from Wealthfront to help determine startup option grants.

    These tools may not be on all fours with Canadian experience, but who cares – any info on these topics is useful for decisionmakers.

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  • A reminder on how not to terminate an employee (Updated)

    My friends at Stikes have an excellent post summarizing a case about the release employees are often asked to sign upon the termination of their employment. Their summary speaks for itself, but I will note that this is yet another case that demonstrates what I have often referred to in presentations as the single best risk management strategy you can use for your business: Don’t Be a Jerk.

    A 63 year old man who had been with The Home Depot for 20 years was terminated with barely more than the statutory minimum notice, and was asked on the spot to sign a document releasing The Home Depot from liability. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to realize that when you treat someone this poorly, you face a significant risk of rebound (in this case, legal costs, double the notice, and bad publicity).

    If you need to terminate someone’s employment, think carefully about what you ought to do to handle the situation with respect, courtesy and due regard for the employee’s dignity. The circumstances behind the termination might have you feeling frustrated, or even angry, but try to avoid letting these get the better of you. It’s the right thing to do.

    Update: Professor David Doorey covers the case here.

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  • How we use web platforms in our practice

    Thanks to Ivor Tossell for the sweet coverage of how we use web platforms in our practice. We baked this into our DNA from the day we launched, and it has made all the difference.

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  • You have acquisition interest – now what?

    A great post on what to do when someone expresses interest. I’d add that you ought to plan in advance when you will disclose what they want to know. My friend Jordan Dolgin has a post on just that topic.

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